Controls whether or not Widgit symbols are used to support text on the page.

Some visitors to websites need special help to be able to access the information on a website. This could be changes to the size of text and using different colours to make it easier to read, adding the ability to read the page aloud or supporting the text on the page with symbols to make the words easier to understand. Heart of the Forest uses 'Point' to support the text on our web pages. If you turn 'Point' on or off then it will use a cookie to remember your choice.


What does Point do?

Point shows a 'symbol tooltip' whenever you hold your mouse pointer over a word. The symbols in the tooltip box illustrate the concept of the word.

Why should I use Point?

Point can help people with dyslexia, groups who are learning to read and those who don't have English as their first language. Having the symbols appear next to a word is also a useful prompt for anyone reading new or unfamiliar words.

Who made Point?

Point is a new website plug-in from Widgit. Widgit have pioneered the use of symbols to support learning and communication for more than 25 years and remain at the leading edge of development in the field.

With Point, Widgit hopes to extend access to the internet to a much wider range of readers. Widgit have always believed that no matter what your level of reading, you should have fair and equal access to text-based materials.

For more information, visit widgit-online

Point user information

Point is controlled using the on/off button.

To use Point, first turn the service on, then hover your mouse pointer over a word onscreen. A Widgit Symbol or Symbols will appear to help you to understand the meaning of the chosen word.

More information

Widgit are the creators of the Widgit Symbol Set, a collection of symbols supporting over 40,000 words. Each carefully and simply drawn symbol provides a visual representation of the word it is linked to, giving access to non or emerging readers.