School Leavers

Pupils are currently entitled to remain at Heart of the Forest Community Special School until age 16 however, through the Annual Review of Statement of Special Educational needs process a recommendation may be made to continue education in the post 16 unit at this school. 

Under exceptional circumstances subject to the agreement of the Local Authority, a placement maybe extended to facilitate transition to another setting.

From the year of a student’s 14th birthday, parents/guardians are invited to an annual transition meeting where they have the opportunity to meet all the appropriate personnel likely to be connected with the student’s future.

A typical meeting could involve Prospects, representatives from Social Services, day care Services, class teacher, and Head teacher.

Possible future placements will depend very much on the ability of the leaver, and the provision of a facility, which will be in the best interests of the individual concerned.

During the latter part of their final year, pupils will undertake a planned link programme with the establishment to which they will be moving.

Any pupil changing schools before the statutory leaving age will also have a link programme with their new school whenever possible.