Year 7 catch up premium

This grant enables the school to allocate funds for year 7 pupils who fail to achieve a level 4 in both reading and Maths. As our pupils have Severe/Profound learning difficulties this is allocated to all Year 7 pupils.

The allocations for this school were as follows:
  • 2014/15 - £2500
  • 2015/16 - £4000
  • 2016-17 - £1500
Funds are not released until midway through the academic year and often interventions are highlighted for Year 7 pupils at a similar point. We therefore do not allocate the money immediately. We anticipate receiving £6000 for current Y7 pupils.

2016/17 spend

As planned in previous report we purchased Numicon resources and paid for 4 staff to be trained. This has meant that we can train more staff around school to provide this as an intervention. We have also renewed our licence for Mathletics, an online Maths programme. Various literacy and numeracy class resources were purchased within the Senior Department. We also purchased a new diagnostic reading assessment to more accurately measure reading ages and therefore allocate appropriate reading resources.


100% of Y7 pupils made at least good progress in overall English and in specific aspects of Reading and Writing. In Maths, 100% made at least good progress with 33% making outstanding progress. 


The resources and training purchased with this grant have contributed to at least good progress for the Y7 pupils in all cases. Where this has not been the case further support will be provided into Y8 as identified in pupil progress meetings.