We expect good standards of behaviour from our pupils and organise a weekly assembly during which we applaud individual pupils who have shown exemplarily good behaviour and/or who have made special progress in their studies. 

At Heart of the Forest Community Special School we spend a lot of time teaching children how to care for others and manage their own emotions, without resorting to aggression towards themselves or others.  Despite our best efforts however, some pupils occasionally exhibit behaviours that are challenging.

At Heart of the Forest Community Special School we use a number of strategies to help pupils maintain good standards of behaviour.

  • We try to ensure that the ethos of the school is such that pupils are encouraged at all times to behave in a sensible manner.
  • We use special teaching techniques and specialist curricula to help pupils learn the inter-personal skills necessary for managing the emotions.

If we feel that a particular pupil needs additional support to help them develop good behaviour then we will ensure their IEP will focus upon this important area of need.  If a pupil’s behaviour is highly problematic then we will work in partnership with parents and with other professionals in an effort to identify and implement Behaviour Plans to help ensure consistency.

At Heart of the Forest Community Special School we recognise that for some pupils, challenging behaviour and/or anti social behaviours can be part of a pupil’s individual disability and we believe it is just as important to respond to a pupil’s behavioural and emotional needs as it is to respond to any other disability related need.  All incidents are fully logged so the information is available for future reference.