Religious Education

Heart of the Forest Community Special School is a non-denominational school.

The provision of Religious Education reflects the range of learning difficulties within the school and makes a substantial contribution to the general personal and social development of every pupil in line with the overall aims of the school. The main Christian festivals are celebrated within the school.  The curriculum content is based on the Gloucestershire RE Syllabus.

Collective worship takes place weekly, with separate assemblies for Lower and Upper School. There is also an Awards Assembly on a Friday afternoon, providing an opportunity for everyone in school to meet together and share in the celebration of achievement and experiences of others. Daily reflection and thanksgivings are held within the classroom.

The Religious Education at Heart of the Forest Community Special School ensures that pupils gain both a thorough knowledge of Christianity, and knowledge of other religions. It is designed to promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, cultural and educational development.

Parents have a legal right to withdraw their child from Religious Education and Assembly if they wish.