Achievement for All

Achievement for All is a tailored whole school improvement framework, delivered in partnership with leaders, teachers, parents/carers, pupils and support professionals, that aims to raise the aspirations, access and achievement of pupils identified with SEND and other vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.

There are 4 elements to the programme:

  • Element 1: Leadership of Achievement for All – ensure schools maintain a focus on the aspirations, access and achievement of pupils identified with SEND and other vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. 
  • Element 2: High quality Teaching and Learning – leading to improved progress for all pupils (includes data-analysis, assessment and target setting). 
  • Element 3: Parental engagement through structured conversations – improve parents’ and carers’ engagement with school and their involvement in their child’s learning and achievement. 
  • Element 4: Wider Outcomes – to support the participation, enjoyment and achievement of children in all elements of school life. By improving access to the wider life of the school, Achievement for All addresses five key areas: attendance; behaviour; positive relationships; eliminating bullying and increasing participation. 
We are in the fifth year of this framework and have gained Quality Lead Status. We are therefore working to support other schools enrolled in the programme which involves hosting visits to our school and presenting at National conferences. Our work this year with the continuing support of our coach Sue Burrows is focussing on reflective practice and early Support.

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Important Information

The Curriculum

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AfA Downloads

The following files are available for download below:

KS4/5 results summary 2015/16

End of Key Stage 2 results summary for 2015/16

As our pupils are not able to access formal end of Key Stage 2 tests we have no data for this. Only 1 pupil had full KS2 progress data to be measured against National Progression Guidance. Because of the low numbers we feel it is inappropriate to publish these on the website, however if you wish to discuss the results please contact Nicki Davis

To access schools comparative data from the DFE please follow this link