How We Work

At Heart of the Forest Community Special School we are seeking to ensure that our provision is evidence based, i.e., everything we do on behalf of our pupils is informed by research into best practice so we can be sure our provision is as good as it can be. 

This best practice is most likely to be identified in the following aspects of our school’s organisation:

  • Carefully structured access to the National Curriculum and the national framework of academic qualifications.
  • Additional, specialist curricula dedicated to minimising the barriers to learning.
  • Staff who are specially trained in SEN and who are often expert in specific areas of SEN.
  • Facilities and resources that are designed to be empathetic to the practical implications of different types of SEN and disability.
  • Close partnership working with parents and other adults who are key players in the lives of children with SEN.
  • Further education provision that prepares young people with SEN and disabilities for a meaningful and rewarding adult li
An indication of how we work is the school’s rationale for autism. At Heart of the Forest Community Special School we aim to provide an Autistic friendly environment. To achieve this we:
  • Ensure that all staff have the opportunity to access appropriate training.
  • Make use of relevant multi-agency support.
  • Ensure access to reliable up to date information.
  • Ensure advocacy for AS pupils by offering alternative forms of communication.
  • Liaise with pre-school providers prior to school entry.
  • Offer support to parents through the various stages of their child’s development.
  • Audit the needs of our pupils in order to secure adequate support.
  • Adapt the Curriculum to suit the individual needs of AS pupils recognising the role ICT plays.