• To minimise each pupil’s barriers to learning by working in close partnership with other key players and by implementing effective IEP strategies.
  • To enable each pupil to have meaningful and successful access to the whole curriculum (of which the National Curriculum is a part) and to monitor their progress within it.
  • To promote the social inclusion of all pupils and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life as pertinent to the circumstances of children and young adults with SEN and disabilities and help them gain access to the notion of continuing, lifelong learning.
  • To ensure that the organisation of the school enables good standards of SEN provision and accessibility by disabled pupils.
  • To advocate the school’s specialist role within the local authority and enable the school to develop as a centre of excellence in the education, care and therapeutic treatment of children and young adults with SEN and disabilities.
  • To facilitate effective partnership working with other key players in the field of SEN and disability and help promote the notion of service accountability and quality assurance across the range of specialist provision.
  • To create a secure, happy and stimulating environment conducive to a global education.